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YouTube is fined $ 170 million for not protecting children’s privacy on YouTube

Google has recently agreed to pay $ 170 million in fines and protective measures following a lawsuit over the privacy of children on YouTube. The New York City Attorney General has ruled that children’s under-13s are tracked in a variety of ways and that the data is used to target advertisements in accordance with the […]

Android 10 Edition officially releases to Google Pixel, Essential and Xiaomi

Remember, we informed you earlier that Android Q, or the latest version of the Android operating system, will be called Android 10 and it will be officially released on Pixel phones on September 3rd. As expected, Google yesterday officially released the stable version of Android Pixel to all of their Google Pixel phones, and Essential […]

Google has officially announced that it will ban the inclusion of Google Apps in the next Huawei mobile

Remember, we informed you in May that Google was suspending all License related to Google Apps that Huawei had given to Huawei last May due to a trade war between China and the US. The suspension was granted for a period of three months following the aggravation of the situation, but by August this period […]

Google Photos adds an ability to search them by letters in the pictures

As you may know, Google Photos service already provides the ability to search using photos, colors, animals and faces. Google has announced through their official Twitter account that they will now be able to identify the fonts and images used in the photos added to these Google Photos. Google Photos users also have the ability […]

Nvidia plans to launch GeForce Now Cloud Gaming service on Android

Google launched their Google Stadia service in March. Nvidia has officially announced the launch of their GeForce Now game streaming service for Android phones. Nvidia is launching an Android App for flagship Android phones, which will require a Bluetooth Game-pad to enjoy the experience and a game-pad for some games. They have decided to partner […]

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