Physicists are discovering a new Quantum time frame

You already know that Quantum super positions, or the ability to appear as a wave and particle at the same time, are one of the fundamental theories of Quantum physics.

(If you don’t know that, watch the video below and read the article below.)

Nature’s Communications magazine reports that scientists at the University of Queensland, including physicist Magdalena Zych, have made a controversial claim that particles are not the only things that can be in a super position. By examining the nature of ordinary objects, physicists have combined two contradictory theories, quantum mechanics and general relativity.

This discovery came about by an experiment we developed in the last century to combine the principles of two contradictory scientific theories, and we wanted to get an idea of what happens when an object is placed in a quantum enough to affect time flow.

Einstein’s theory has explained that the slower the flow of time, the closer an object is.

Imagine two Spaceships that are told to shoot at one another and to escape the attack of the other. In the first place, the spaceship that shoots first will be defeated.

However, according to Einstein’s theory, if a powerful enemy, using the principles of general relativity, approached a giant object like a planet, the flow of time would slow down (as in the Intesteller movie). As a result, the ship with the massive object is shot down and destroyed by the other.

According to the second theory of quantum mechanics, any object can be in a super position. That means it’s likely to be encountered in different areas. Using the theory of quantum mechanics, if an enemy takes the Earth into a Quantum Super Position … then time cannot be linear. A new way of looking at events is emerging and none of the events are first or second order, and both events are first and second.~ Dr. Zych

However, co-author of the University of Queensland Dr. Queensland says that it would never be practical to take a planetary quantum superposition like this, but that it would take a new dimension to investigate the behavior of time in the Quantum world. As pointed out by Fabio Costa

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