Huawei plans to launch Mate 30 Pro on September 19!


Just over a week after Samsung released the latest version of its flagship series Galaxy Note, Samsung’s leading competitor, Huawei, is reportedly preparing to launch the next version of its flagship series, the Huawei Mate.

Huawei Ascend Mate, the first mobile phone of the Phablet-type Mate series, was released in 2013.

Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro are set to take the next step with a host of innovations, from year to year.

Huawei’s Dr Wang Chenglu told reporters at a meeting at the company’s developer convention in China last week that Huawei’s Dr. Wang Chenglu told reporters that the high website had reported.

The Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Pro will be launched in Europe on September 19, with new Kirin 990 chipset.

It is reported that the main advantage of this latest chip set is reduced battery power consumption and improved efficiency. It is also reported that the 40MP will be equipped with two main cameras and three full rear cameras.

Huawei is not expected to release the Mate 30 pro phone with its latest Harmony OS, which is expected to be released with the latest EMUI 10 interface based on Android Q.

Huawei’s ability to work with Google has been lifted, as the Trump administration in the US has already lifted the international trade embargo imposed on Huawei.

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