Huawei Map Kit ready to be introduced by Huawei


Huawei is a company that has undergone a number of recent developments and innovations. After Harmony OS, Huawei is ready to offer another service. Huawei is reportedly planning to offer their own Maps service by October this year.

Huawei calls this service called Map Kit, which is not available directly to the customer like the Google Maps service we all know. Huawei offers this service to software developers, who aim to use it to create their own Street Navigation apps.

Huawei maps kit is also available with special features such as Google Maps service, ease of real-time traffic monitoring, maps usage through Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Huawei maps kit is also available in 40 languages.

Huawei is reportedly working with several other companies to get the data and information it needs. It has also decided to join hands with Russian technology giant Yandex and Booking Holdings, a Google Maps service that owns websites such as and Many people think that Google has already covered much of the world, so Huawei has to spend a lot of money to compete with Google. It is also the opinion of Huawei and the United States that it is important to have their own Maps service.

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