Huawei launches new Maps service to challenge Google Maps


It is reported that Huawei is planning to launch their own maps service next October.

This service, called Map Kit, is not available directly to the customer like Google Maps, and enables software developers to use this service to create their Street Navigation apps.

The Huawei Map Kit service features apps like Google Maps, real-time traffic monitoring, maps usage via Augmented Reality technology.

The company has partnered with a number of other companies, mainly Russian technology giant Yandex, to get the data it needs, and on major web sites such as and, a Google Maps service. They have decided to partner with Booking Holdings, the owner.

With Google now covering much of the world, many people point out that Huawei will have to pay huge amounts of money to compete with Google Maps, especially in the case of disputes between the US and Huawei. Many believe that.

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