How to set Proxy-chains in Kali linux

How to set Proxy-chains in Kali linux

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What is proxy-chain??

Proxy chaining involves forwarding traffic from one proxy server to a different. This method leverages your existing proxy servers, with no additional changes to the network. it is a quick and simple thanks to forward your traffic to the Zscaler service from an existing on-premises proxy.

STEP01- 1st in Kali linux open terminal and type

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

STEP02- Install the Tor service

sudo apt-get install tor

STEP03- Start Tor Service

sudo service tor start

STEP04- Tor service will show

sudo service tor status

  • This need to run for proxychains to work

Now we have to Configure Proxy-chains

STEP05- The proxychains configuration file is found within the “/etc/” directory edit the configuration file.

sudo nano/etc/proxychains.conf

So there are three methods we can run proxychains

  1. strict_chain 
  2. dynamic_chain 
  3. random_chain

NOTE: strict_chain: is that the choice in proxy-chains, every connection goes through the proxies so as that’s listed within the configuration file. Strict chaining is best used after you want the source traffic appear from a specific locations.

dynamic_chain: works just like the strict chain but it doesn’t require all the proxies within the configuration file to figure. If a proxy is down then the connection will jump to the subsequent proxy server within the list.

random_chain: randomnesses proxy connections from the list on the configuration file, the chain of proxy will look different to the target.

Uncomment out the “dynamic_chains” line, it’ll enable dynamic chaining.

SETP06- In default proxy-chains sends traffic in host at on port 9050. this can be the default Tor configuration, if you’re planing to use Tor leave the “defaults set to “tor” because it is. If you’re not using Tor, you may must comment out this line.

STEP07- Add intermediary workers to the proxy-chains arrangement document, there are free intermediary workers on the Internet, I am utilizing free intermediary in this lab, you can discover them here, another great webpage with free intermediaries is

Before including custom intermediaries include Tor socks5 support, and “socks5 9050”

SETP08- Forestall DNS spills, uncomment “Intermediary DNS demands – no break for DNS information”.

Exit and Save.

Now Proxy-chains Syntax

STEP09- Confirm that the proxy-chains is working.

proxychains firefox

STEP10- Use Proxychains with nmap

We have secured how to run proxy-chains and shroud the personality of our source traffic and remain unknown without being distinguished.

you can check your DNS from to verifies.

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