Google has officially announced that it will ban the inclusion of Google Apps in the next Huawei mobile


Remember, we informed you in May that Google was suspending all License related to Google Apps that Huawei had given to Huawei last May due to a trade war between China and the US.

The suspension was granted for a period of three months following the aggravation of the situation, but by August this period had expired.

We have also informed you that Huawei will be launching their next flagship mobile phone, the Huawei Mate 30, on September 19th.

However, Google has told Reuters that Huawei is not legally authorized to offer any Huawei mobile phone with Google Apps and Services, including the Mate 30.

Huawei will lose the ability to add any of Google’s services, such as YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Maps, to the Mate 30 or other newly released phones.

The Reuters website also notes that the Kirin 990 chipset is not subject to the ban, as the agreement with ARM has been signed with ARM for the mobile phone.

Huawei has had to deal with the situation since Donald Trump announced in June that it would lift the ban, but the US government has yet to take any action.

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