Facebook has confirmed it will remove the Like count from Facebook


Facebook has been released to more countries since July, eliminating the likes, or likes, of Instagram, which are checking between 7 countries. The reason is that Instagram decided to hide the amount of likes a certain post received, based on the “focus on the photos and videos you share, not on how many likes they want”.

According to reports, Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has decided to hide the number of likes you post, and according to the source code of the Facebook Android App, engineering expert Jane Wong (Jane Wong) confirms this.

TechCrunch website said Facebook has confirmed that this information was confirmed by Facebook, but said it had not yet begun testing the facility. This means that only the post’s owner, the post’s owner, will see the total number of likes, while the others will only see the names of the mutual friends who liked the post.

However, the number of likes or reactions added to the comment will still be visible to all, as this option is still in development. Also, the date that this option is given to all users is not yet specified, but it is expected to be available soon.

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