Category: Security

CamScanner app is removed from the Play Store due to the presence of malware

Google has taken the CamScanner app, a popular document scanning app, out of the Google Play Store. The reason is that the app contains a malware-like virus in several previous versions, but this is not something that CamScanner developers have done. AdHub uses a service from another company called AdHub to display ads in this […]

Google is stopping providing Android users with data for mobile service providers

Unbeknownst to many, Google has been providing Android mobile phone users’ data to mobile phone service providers, and now they have announced that they will stop using it. From 2017 onwards, Android mobile phones will be able to provide information such as signal strength and connection speed on the respective mobile phones for free to […]

Bluetooth vulnerability could expose device data to hackers

With a weakness in Bluetooth support, more than one billion Bluetooth devices around the world are reportedly endangered. When connecting two devices using Bluetooth, an outsider can use this vulnerability to access and control the data on the respective devices. When connecting two Bluetooth enabled devices to a pair, the encryption keys are used to […]

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