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YouTube is fined $ 170 million for not protecting children’s privacy on YouTube

Google has recently agreed to pay $ 170 million in fines and protective measures following a lawsuit over the privacy of children on YouTube. The New York City Attorney General has ruled that children’s under-13s are tracked in a variety of ways and that the data is used to target advertisements in accordance with the […]

Google has officially announced that it will ban the inclusion of Google Apps in the next Huawei mobile

Remember, we informed you in May that Google was suspending all License related to Google Apps that Huawei had given to Huawei last May due to a trade war between China and the US. The suspension was granted for a period of three months following the aggravation of the situation, but by August this period […]

Chinese tech giant Baidu outperforms Google in Smart Speaker sales

Amazon and Google have both been crowned smart speakers worldwide, but Chinese company Baidu has outperformed Google. Although Baidu sells its products exclusively within China, it is expected to increase its smart speaker sales by 3,700% in 2019, to 4.5 million smart speaker sales in the second quarter of this year alone. Google has managed […]

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