Attribute Parser – HackerRank Solution

Attribute Parser – HackerRank Solution

Problem :

We have defined our own markup language HRML. In HRML, each element consists of a starting and ending tag, and there are attributes associated with each tag. Only starting tags can have attributes. We can call an attribute by referencing the tag, followed by a tilde, ‘~‘ and the name of the attribute. The tags may also be nested.

The opening tags follow the format:

<tag-name attribute1-name = "value1" attribute2-name = "value2" ...>

The closing tags follow the format:


For example:

<tag1 value = "HelloWorld">
<tag2 name = "Name1">

The attributes are referenced as:


You are given the source code in HRML format consisting of N lines. You have to answer Q queries. Each query asks you to print the value of the attribute specified. Print “Not Found!” if there isn’t any such attribute.

Sample Input :

4 3
<tag1 value = "HelloWorld">
<tag2 name = "Name1">

Sample Output :

Not Found!

Solution :

#include <iostream>
#include <map>
using namespace std;

map <string, string> tagMap;

void createMap(int &n, string pretag) {
    if(!n) return;
    string line, tag, attr, value;
    getline(cin, line);
    int i=1;
    if(line[i]=='/') {           // found closing tag
        while(line[i]!='>') i++;
        if(pretag.size()>(i-2))        // update tag
            tag = pretag.substr(0,pretag.size()-i+1);
            tag = "";
    else {                       // found opening tag
        while(line[i]!=' ' && line[i]!='>') i++;
        tag = line.substr(1,i-1);    // update tag
        if(pretag!="") tag = pretag + "." + tag;
        int j;
        while(line[i]!='>') { // go through attributes
            j = ++i;
            while(line[i]!=' ') i++;
            attr = line.substr(j,i-j);    // attribute name
            while(line[i]!='\"') i++;
            j = ++i;
            while(line[i]!='\"') i++;
            value = line.substr(j,i-j);    // attribute value
            i+= 1;
            tagMap[tag + "~" + attr] = value;
    createMap(--n, tag);

int main() {
    int n, q;
    cin >> n >> q;
    string attr, value;
    while(q--) {
        value = tagMap[attr];
        if(value=="") value = "Not Found!";
        cout << value << endl;
    return 0;

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