Qualcomm is preparing to add 5G support to their 6 and 7 chipset series

As you probably know, there has been much talk this year about 5G technology and related devices.Internationally, 5G coverage is only available in parts of the United States, the United Kingdom and Qatar, but access to 5G is still limited. Almost every mobile phone with 5G technology now has flagship phones, so their prices are […]

YouTube is fined $ 170 million for not protecting children’s privacy on YouTube

Google has recently agreed to pay $ 170 million in fines and protective measures following a lawsuit over the privacy of children on YouTube. The New York City Attorney General has ruled that children’s under-13s are tracked in a variety of ways and that the data is used to target advertisements in accordance with the […]

The OnePlus TV includes a Sound System with 8 Dolby Atmos supported speakers

You may recall that OnePlus recently announced their launch of their own TV, a logo and more information. Now, we have some new information about the OnePlus TV. You may be aware that the sound emitted by television sets is not very good. However, according to a listing on Amazon, the newly released OnePlus TV […]

Android 10 Edition officially releases to Google Pixel, Essential and Xiaomi

Remember, we informed you earlier that Android Q, or the latest version of the Android operating system, will be called Android 10 and it will be officially released on Pixel phones on September 3rd. As expected, Google yesterday officially released the stable version of Android Pixel to all of their Google Pixel phones, and Essential […]

Facebook has confirmed it will remove the Like count from Facebook

Facebook has been released to more countries since July, eliminating the likes, or likes, of Instagram, which are checking between 7 countries. The reason is that Instagram decided to hide the amount of likes a certain post received, based on the “focus on the photos and videos you share, not on how many likes they […]

Physicists are discovering a new Quantum time frame

You already know that Quantum super positions, or the ability to appear as a wave and particle at the same time, are one of the fundamental theories of Quantum physics. (If you don’t know that, watch the video below and read the article below.) Nature’s Communications magazine reports that scientists at the University of Queensland, […]

Facebook is ready to provide screen sharing to the Facebook Messenger app.

Screen sharing is now ready to be added to the Messenger app introduced by Facebook to use the instant messaging feature on the Facebook platform. Jane Manchun Wong, a longtime correspondent on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, points out that when screen sharing is turned on, the camera is turned off and the chatting user can […]

Huawei Map Kit ready to be introduced by Huawei

Huawei is a company that has undergone a number of recent developments and innovations. After Harmony OS, Huawei is ready to offer another service. Huawei is reportedly planning to offer their own Maps service by October this year. Huawei calls this service called Map Kit, which is not available directly to the customer like the […]

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